Barbican and Golden Lane Neighbourhood Forum 2023 in numbers

+ 2500 voluntary hours spent in meetings, preparing documents, gathering neighbourhood wishes, doing neighbourhood walks, research and evidence gathering, talking with City of London officers and members, local businesses, freelancers, our Culture Mile BID and developers

+ 150 meetings with local groups of stakeholders, developers and local businesses in the Area as well as City of London officers and elected members

+ 10 planning application consultations

+ 200 neighbours engaged at events in Golden Lane and the Barbican

+ 10 walking tours with neighbours and specialist professionals to exchange information

+ £16000 raised in funding

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Drop-in Plan for our Neighbourhood

Planning Applications

Barbican and Golden Lane Neighbourhood Forum Correspondence address. 20 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU Company number 14964527. With support from the City of London Stronger Communities Fund, the Culture Mile BID and Groundworks

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